Rajendra Pradhan

Rajendra Pradhan is currently the Chair of Social Science Baha, an NGO dedicated to promoting social sciences in Nepal. He received his doctorate in sociology from the University of Delhi but prefers to call himself an anthropologist. A researcher with varied research interests, he has studied religion among the Hindu Newars of Kathmandu, the care of the elderly in a Dutch village, food beliefs and practices in the Nepal Tarai, (irrigation) water rights and history and culture of water in Nepal, traditional dispute resolution processes, social exclusion and inclusion and more recently an ethnography of the state.

Over the past 12 odd years, he has developed an interest in and used legal anthropological and especially legal pluralism perspectives for his research search on water rights, dispute process and ethnography of the state.

He has published numerous articles and edited several books including Water Rights, Conflict and Policy (1997), Water, Land and Law: Changing Rights to Land and Water in Nepal (2000), Law, History and Culture of Water in Nepal (2003), Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law in Social, Economic and Political Development (2003). He is currently working on several books, including on Legal Anthropology and Traditional Disputing Processes in Nepal and on an ethnography of the state-citizen interaction at the local level.

Email address rpradhan@soscbaha.org

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