*Call for Papers:*
*Intimate Partner Violence as a Global Problem*

The International Journal of Conflict and Violence invites submissions to a
Focus Section on “Intimate Partner Violence as a Global Problem:
International and Interdisciplinary Perspectives”. Intimate partner
violence, defined as the use or threat of physical or sexual violence,
psychological aggression, or emotional abuse by one partner in a
relationship against the other, is a serious problem worldwide. As the 2002
WHO Report on Violence and Health reports, intimate partner violence occurs
in all countries and all social, economic, religious, and cultural groups.
It places great burdens on individuals, communities, and social
institutions, such as health care systems and the employment sector.

The Focus Section seeks to bring together papers from different parts of the
world that address the social construction of intimate partner violence, the
prevalence and risk factors of intimate partner violence, and its impact on
victims as well as societies. A broad definition of “relationship” is
adopted to include both marital and long-term relationships as well as more
casual, short-term relationships. In addition to papers addressing violence
within heterosexual relationships, analyses of same-sex relationships are
also welcome. All papers should have a strong grounding in theory.

We welcome contributions from a range of scientific disciplines, including
(but not limited to) psychology, sociology, family studies, women’s
studies, psychiatry, and public health.

The focus section is scheduled to appear in the spring of 2013 and will be
guest-edited by Professor Barbara Krahé (University of
Potsdam/krahe@uni-potsdam.de) and Professor Antonia Abbey (Wayne State
University/ aabbey@wayne.edu).

The deadline for the submission of manuscripts is *September 1, 2012*.
We request all contributors to observe a limit of 55,000 characters
(including all references). Papers should be submitted online. For
submission/manuscript guidelines please visit http://www.ijcv.org.

Julia Marth

Institute of interdisciplinary research on conflict and violence
University of Bielefeld

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+49 (0) 521 106 3113

International Journal of Conflict and Violence (IJCV)

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