Sanghamitra Padhy

Sangha Padhy is a Candidate for Ph. D. in Political Science at the University of Southern California. She is specialized in Public Law, Comparative Politics, Human Rights, Environmental Policy, and Asian Studies, with an emphasis on research and teaching. Her research and teaching interests in Political Science build on interdisciplinary and qualitative studies. She has been a teaching assistant at University of Southern California for courses in Law and Public Policy, International Law and Human Rights; she has led discussions and lectured on Environmental Human Rights. She has taught undergraduate Political Science courses as a lecturer at Gargi College, Delhi University in India. She has recently worked as a researcher and writer on democracy and human rights issues in Asia at Taiwan Foundation for Democracy and Judicial Reform Foundation in Taiwan. Her publications include From Green Bench to Green Courts: Executive and Judicial Battles over Environment and Secularism and Justice: A Case Study of Indian Supreme Court Judgments, published in leading Indian journals and presented at American Political Science Association, Mid-West and Law and Society Association.

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