Roshan de Silva-Wijeyeratne

Roshan de Silva-Wijeyeratne, School of Law, Griffith University, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - r.desilva@griffith.edu.au to the Law and Social Sciences Research Network.
Roshan joined the Law School from the University of East London (UK) in 2001. He graduated from the School of Oriental and African Studies in the University of London in 1990 and completed his London LLM in 1992. He received his doctorate from the University of Kent in Canterbury in 1999. His research interests lie in the field of law and social theory, with particular reference to the relationship between law, colonialism, and the postcolonial, and he has published articles in Social and Legal Studies, Law/Text/Culture, the Griffith Law Review, and Social Identites. He has published a number of articles on the relationship between Buddhism, law and identity in Sri Lanka using phenomenological, deconstructive and psychoanalytical perspectives. In 2003 he finished co-editing a special issue of the Griffith Law Review on Tracking the Postcolonial in Law. He has been asked to write entries on Sri Lanka and Buddhist Law in South Asia for the Oxford Encyclopaedia of Legal History. In addition he is currently working on a book on Constitutionalism and Buddhism in Sri Lanka, and is also working on a book proposal with John Strawson (of the University of East London, U.K) on Postcolonial Legality.

Since 1997 Roshan has also undertaken two major consultancies with leading law firms in London. Between 1997-2000 he was commissioned to write a report on Sri Lanka in relation to a shipping arbitration. In addition in 1999 he was asked to provide a country report on Sri Lanka to a London law firm in relation to an Asian Development Bank project. He is also an active participant in debates about peace process in Sri Lanka and in 2006 attended a conference in Zurich sponsored by the Berghoff Foundation. To this end Roshan has also a number of journalistic pieces on the peace process in Sri Lanka for papers in both Sri Lanka and the U.K.

Current Research:
Roshan is currently contracted with Routledge for a book on Nation, Constitutionalism and Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Roshan is also working on a journal article on Islam and community.

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