Gail Pearson

Gail Pearson
Room 514
H69 - The Economics and Business Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia
2007Journal Article/s
Pearson G 2007 'Consumer Law in the 21st century: Challenges and Opportunities', Competition and Consumer Law Journal, vol.15:1, pp. 1-6.

2006Journal Article/s
Pearson G 2006 'Risk and the consumer in Australian financial services reform', Sydney Law Review, vol.28:1, pp. 99-137.

Pearson G 2006 'The Place of codes of Conduct in Regulating Financial Services', Griffith Law Review, vol.15:2, pp. 333-69.

2005Journal Article/s
Pearson G 2005 'Consumer expectations and risk in implantable surgical devices: Courtney v. Medtel and Carey-Hazell', Competition & Consumer Law Journal, vol.13:2, pp. 139-157.

Pearson G 2005 'The ambit of unconscionability in relation to financial services', Company and Securities Law Journal, vol.23:2, pp. 195-219.

Pearson G, Fisher S and Ali P 2004 Commercial law: Commentary and materials, Law Book Co.

Book Section/s
Pearson G 2004 'Tradition, law and female suffrage movement in India' in Women's suffrage in Asia: Gender, nationalism and democracy, ed. M Roces and L Edwards, Routledge, London pp. 195-219.

2003Journal Article/s
Pearson G 2003 'Constructive possession and constructive delivery in transfer of title to goods', The University of New South Wales Law Journal, vol.26:1, pp. 159-178.

Pearson G 2003 'Finance brokers - a regulatory anomaly', Journal of Banking & Finance Law and Practice, vol.14:1, pp. 200-208.

Pearson G 2003 'The pregnant preposition and the definite and indefinite article: Sections 82 and 87 of the TPA damages for the whole or the part of the loss', Competition and Consumer Law Journal, vol.11:2, pp. 163-186.

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