Jayanth K Krishnan

William Mitchell College of Law

Publications: Articles and Essays
"Toward the Next Generation of Galanter-Influenced Scholars: The Reach of a Law-and-Society Founder." Law and Contemporary Problems (forthcoming 2008). With Stewart Macaulay.

"Scholarly Discourse and the Cementing of Norms: The Case of the Indian Supreme Court and a Plea for Research." 9 Journal of Appellate Practice and Process, (forthcoming 2008). Click here for full draft text on SSRN.

"Outsourcing and the Globalizing Legal Profession," 48 William and Mary Law Review 2189 (2007). Click here for a full draft text on SSRN. Full text on Lexis and Westlaw.

"Analyzing the Friedman Thesis through a Legal Lens," 81Tulane Law Review 923 (2007). Full text on Lexis and Westlaw.

“Lawyering for a Cause and Experiences from Abroad,” 94 California Law Review 575 (2006). Click here for full draft text on SSRN. Full text on Lexis and Westlaw.

“Transgressive Cause Lawyering in the Developing World: The Case of India,” in The Worlds Cause Lawyers Make: Structure and Agency in Legal Practice (eds., Austin Sarat and Stuart Scheingold, Stanford University Press, 2005).

“From the ALI to the ILI: The Efforts to Export an American Legal Institution,” 38 Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 1255 (2005). Click here for full draft text on SSRN. Full text on Lexis and Westlaw.

“Professor Kingsfield Goes to Delhi: American Academics, the Ford Foundation, and the Development of Legal Education in India,” 46 American Journal of Legal History 447 (2004). Full text on Westlaw. Click here for full draft text on SSRN.

"Bread for the Poor: Access to Justice and the Rights of the Needy in India,” 55 Hastings Law Journal 789 (2004). With Marc Galanter. Full text on Lexis and Westlaw. Full text on SSRN.

"India's Patriot Act: POTA and the Impact on Civil Liberties in the World’s Largest Democracy," 22 Law and Inequality 265 (2004). Full text on Lexis and Westlaw.

"Mobilizing Immigrants," 11 George Mason Law Review 695 (2003). Full text on Westlaw.

"The Rights of the New Untouchables: A Constitutional Analysis of HIV Jurisprudence in India" 25 Human Rights Quarterly 791 (2003). Full text on SSRN.

"Social Policy Advocacy and the Role of the Courts in India." 21 The American Asian Review 91 (2003). Full text on SSRN.

"Debased Informalism," in Beyond Common Knowledge: Empirical Approaches to the Rule of Law (eds. Thomas Heller & Erik Jensen, Stanford University Press, 2003). With Marc Galanter.

“So Help Me God: A Comparative Study of Religious Interest Group Litigation." 30 Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law 233 (2002). With K. den Dulk. Full text on Lexis and Westlaw.

"Perceptions and Interpretations of Law from Past to Present in the Subcontinent." 34 George Washington International Law Review 639 (2002). Full text on Lexis and Westlaw.

"Public Interest Litigation in a Comparative Context." 20 Buffalo Public Interest Law Journal 19 (2001-2002). Full text on Lexis and Westlaw.

"Personal Law and Human Rights in India and Israel." 34 Israel Law Review 101 (2000). With M. Galanter. Full text on Lexis.

"Lawyers Seeking Clients: Clients Seeking Lawyers: Sources of Contigency Fee Cases and Their Implications for Case Handling." 21 Law & Policy 347 (1999). With H. Kritzer.

Publications: Books
Law and Hinduism (Advance Contract from Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2008) co-edited with Timothy Lubin and Donald Davis.

Publications: Anthology & Encyclopedic Entries
“Law and Society in India,” in Encyclopedia of Law and Society: American and Global Perspectives (ed., David S. Clark, Sage Publications, 2006).

"India" in Volume 2 Legal Systems of the World 693. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2002. H. Kritzer, editor.

Publications: Short Book Reviews
Review of Journal of National Human Rights Commission, India (Inaugural Edition). Published by The National Human Rights Commission (India) 2002. 26 Human Rights Quarterly 542 (2004).

Book Review. Judicial Activism in India: Transgressing Borders and Enforcing Limits, by S.P. Sathe. 13 Law and Politics Book Review (February 2003).

Book Review. Jurists and Judges: An Essay on Influence, by Neil Duxbury, 11 Law and Politics Book Review 472 (2001).

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