Prabhu Mohapatra

Prabhu Mohapatra teaches history at the University of Delhi. His special interest is in Economic and Social History of Modern India, Migration and Diaspora history and Labour History . His current work centres around the long term pattern of Regulation of Labour relations and labour market in India. In which he explores the entrenchment and enforcement of Contractual relations in India specially in the Labour market and the workplace. Some of his published essays dealing with Law and labour relations are as follows.

1)( Forthcoming)" From Status to Contract: Or How Law shaped Labour Relations in Colonial India"
in Jan Breman etal (ed) Debt Bondage in India

2)(Co authored with T.C.A Ananat, R.Hasan, R Nagraj and S.Sasikumar)
"Labor Markets in India: Issues and Perspectives" ( Author of the Section on Labour
Law and Trends in Industrial Relations ) in Labor Markets in Asia : Issues and
Perspectives (ed) Jesus Felipe and Rana Hasan , Palgrave MacMillan ,New York,

3) "Regulated Informality: Legal Construction of Labour Relations in Colonial India
1814-1926" in Workers in Informal Sector: Studies in Labour History 1800-2000 (ed
Sabyasachi Bhattacharya and Jan Lucassen), Macmillan 2005

4) " Assam and the West Indies: 1860-1920 : Immobilising Plantation Labour" in D.Hay
and P.Craven (ed) Masters ,Servants and Magistrates in Britain and the Empire: Criminalisation
of Free Labour 16th-20th Century" , University of North Carolina Press (American Law
Library Series) 2004.

5) "Restoring the Family: Wife Murders and the Making of a Sexual Contract for
Indian Indentured Labourers in the British Caribbean Colonies" in Studies in History,
Vol. 10,No 2, 1995, Sage New Delhi.

6) (Coauthored with Rana P. Behal) "Tea and Money versus Human Lives: The Rise
and Fall of Indentured system in Assam Tea Plantations 1840-1908. "in Journal of
Peasant Studies, Vol, No2 1992,Frank Cass, London.

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