Gauri Nanayakkara

Gauri Nanayakkara, an Attorney-at-Law from Sri Lanka, is currently researching on performers’ rights in Sri Lanka for the doctoral thesis at the University of Kent, UK. She possesses a Master of Laws from the Queen Mary University of London, UK on Communications and Computer Law. She has been working as a private practitioner and subsequently as a State Counsel at the Attorney General’s Department of Sri Lanka prior to joining the University of Kent. In addition to her research work she also teaches at the University.

Saptarshi Mandal

Saptarshi Mandal is a student of law at the National University of Juridical Sciences in Kolkata. His primary interest is in understanding the relationship between law and marginality. He seeks to do this by bringing together perspectives from Dalit, Queer, Disability and Feminist studies and the way law interacts with each of these. He has been working on the idea of jurisprudence of caste, and has published on Dalit conceptions of justice and the legal discourse around manual scavenging. At present, he is working on the theme of disability and citizenship, of which the present effort is a part.

Renu Addlakha

Renu Addlakha, Ph.D. is senior fellow at the Centre for Women's Development studies, New Delhi. Her areas of specialisation include the sociology of medicine, mental illness and the psychiatric profession, public health, anthropology of infectious diseases, bioethics, gender and the family, disability and society. She has published in peer reviewed national and international journals. She is the author of 'Deconstructing mental illness: An ethnography of psychiatry, women and the family (2008).