Request for information on rape and sexual violence in BMER communities

Dr Aisha Gill (Roehampton University) would like to invite you to submit anonymised cases studies of rape and sexual violence in the BMER community that your organisation or you have dealt with in your work on issues related to violence against women (VAW) as advocates and support caseworkers. The findings will be used to build a case for the importance of specialist service provision for such women and young girls. The intended aim of this request for information of this kind is to also influence government policy across a range of VAW areas in the BMER sector. It is an opportunity for those of us working with violence against women’s issues to have an input into an important national debate about the need for specialist services that is long over due. This invitation is to also to ask you what you think are the big questions and issues for BMER women experiencing a range of abuses in their lives. For example I am interested in:

1. What are the particular issues facing BMER women in terms of reporting rape and sexual violence to the criminal justice system?
2. What are some of the main concerns for BMER women in terms of the experience of rape and sexual violence?
3. What challenges do BMER women face in relation to accessing specialist support related to rape and sexual violence?

I would like to know where gaps in knowledge and resources are and what evidence is missing to effectively lobby for change in this sector. In return for your time to send me case studies I intend to make available a policy briefing paper which can be used for lobbying purposes for the BMER VAW sector.

Please also feel free to pass this invitation on to others you think would be interested.
For more information about this piece of work contact me on a.gill@roehampton.ac.uk or call 0208 392 3893.

Your time is truly appreciated and I very much look forward to your
response. I do hope you will be able to input.

Aisha Gill

Dr Aisha Gill
Senior Lecturer in Criminology
School of Social Sciences,
Roehampton University, Roehampton Lane,
London, SW15 5SL
Tel: +44 (0)208 392 3893/ 07956 116278
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