LASSnet Auhor: UC JHA Book Announcement

Wg Cdr (Dr) U C Jha (Retd)

1. The Military Justice System in India: An Analysis, Published by LexisNexis, 2009.

2. The Armed Forces Trbunal, Published by Manas Publications, New Delhi, 2010.

Post from Manjira Datta

Pls look up http://www.magiclanternfoundation.org/Events/pr2010/pr10_schedule.html

My films are being screened on 25th Feb at 11:45 am in Audi 1 and Audi
2 and also 5 films of mine are being screened in RETROSPECTIVE
On 26th at 5 pm or thereabouts-LIFE OF THE LAW is being screened . A
film on Village Dispute Resolution.Hope LASSNET will post this on their
site or pass this message to others.
Hope to see u.
Warm wishes
Manjira Datta