LASSnet Announcements

LASSnet Activities

A distinction should be made between LASSnet as the network and the LASSnet conference.

LASSNet continues to be anchored at the Centre for the Study of Law and Governance, JNU. For all matters concerning the network, you may contact the new anchor of the network at CSLG, Dr Jaivir Singh.

The next conference of LASSNet will be hosted by ALF and CSCS in Bangalore in 2011.

Smaller Workshops

It should also be recognized that this was just the inaugural conference and the idea behind the network is that we take up the issues that we were interested in and hence, separate workshops which can be much smaller could be organised in different institutions in South Asia or elsewhere.

1. We could think of a workshop just on the theme of interdisciplinary.
2. Different sets of people offer to organise smaller meetings between this one and the next major conference, even writing workshops that work towards publishing or towards thinking of themes for panels for the next conference.
3. One would be of ensuring that the proceedings from the workshops can be shared between people in the network is to record them and upload them and to use the website as a space which can announce different workshops in different cities.

Consolidating Documentations, Archives and Bibliographies

1. The creation of a WIKI, which allows for an annotated bibliography of legal material from South Asia and a SSRN paper exchange.
2. The establishment of a website like SSRN, which will act as a repository for working papers and articles that people may want to share, with key words and abstracts.
3. Strengthen existing initiatives such as Public Juris initiated by Aparna Balachandran and Rochelle Pinto at CSCS, Bangalore.

Conference Proceedings and Publications

1. The discussants and coordinators of each of the panels or in those panels where panel coordinators were unable to come, the chair or paper presenters, volunteer to write a brief 1-2 page report about what happened in their panel. This will enable those who could not attend to get a sense of what happened; and create an overall sense of the conference given the huge number of parallel sessions.

We request you to send a brief report of your session to Lawrence Liang and Pratiksha Baxi in the next 2 weeks.

2. Pursuant to the suggestions at the LASS closing we are now seeking papers presented at the LASSnet inaugural conference to upload on the LASSnet website.

Please send papers to Arudra Burra at webmaster@lassnet.org

3. It was suggested at the LASSnet inaugural that we initiate a LASSnet e-newsletter – Prashant [ALF] offered to run the e-newsletter – so that everyone could be in touch through a newsletter.

Please send announcements, book reviews, short articles and any other writing you may think is relevant to LASSnet to "Prashant Iyengar" .

4. In two years time we could start thinking about the idea of starting a LASSnet Journal.

Those interested in publication of the conference papers should get in touch with Lawrence Liang, and Pratiksha Baxi.

5. The LASSnet Delhi group lead by Mayur Suresh, Anuj Bhuwania, Shrimoyee Nandini Ghosh, Kamala Sankaran, Pratiksha Baxi and Jaivir Singh wish to put together a set of researchers working on courts to develop a research project on the everyday life of courts. If anyone is interested, please contact Mayur Suresh at mayur.suresh@gmail.com

We would also like to meet every three months to discuss ongoing work of anyone in the LASS community who wishes to share their work with the group.