LASSnet Conference Venue

The Venue
The picture above shows you where the Lassnet Conference registration will take place. On the day of the Conference there will be a banner announcing the conference at the centre of the pillared verandah. The registration will take place at the Arts Theatre. There will be coffee and tea served before and during registration  on December 14 from 9 am to 9.30 am.
Friday morning traffic is Kandy and Peradeniya is quite heavy. So please allow about an hour to get to the venue from your hotel. Although there are buses that will take you right inside the campus, we recommend taking a three wheeler on the first day. Please negotiate with the driver before starting the journey. It should cost around Rs 300 from Kandy; less from Peradeniya. Three wheeler drivers know the Senate, which is near the registration site. If you ask to be taken me to the Senate, Peradeniya University, they will bring you to the venue.
Lunch and dinner on December 14th and lunch on the 15th and 16th will be provided free of charge.
Buses will be available to drop Conference participants back on the 14th and 15th.

The sessions will be held in rooms of the Arts Faculty- English Department which you see below. The number of the session and title will be displayed outside the room.

The Arts Theatre
The plenary sessions will be held in the Arts Theatre which is at one end of the Arts Faculty building. There will be students who will be posted to help you find your way around the Arts Faculty from the the session rooms and the Arts Theatre.