Varun Gauri

Varun Gauri is Senior Economist in the Development Research Group of the World
Bank. His research focuses on politics and governance in the social sectors and
aims to combine quantitative and qualitative methods in economics and social
science research. His research has addressed HIV/AIDS policies in Brazil, South
Africa, and Mozambique, basic immunization in Pakistan, the behavior of
development NGOs in Bangladesh and Uganda, payment modalities for health care
providers in Costa Rica and Nigeria, litigation for social and economic rights
in developing countries, and the relationship between international human rights
treaties and development outcomes. He is the author of School Choice in Chile:
Two Decades of Educational Reform. He has published widely in development
journals, including World Development, the Journal of Development Studies,
Studies in Comparative International Development, World Bank Research Observer,
and Health Policy and Planning. Since joining the World Bank in 1996, he has
also worked on and led a variety of operational and analytic tasks, including
project and program evaluations, investments in privately owned hospitals,
health care decentralization, and public expenditure reviews.

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